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Dior Cherie Bow Addict Lipstick – 457 Candide

So the new Dior Spring LE is one of the collections I love the most this spring. I just could not resist getting my hands on a few items (so I think I have been a good girl).

Besides the two Glow products (on the blog soon) I got tempted into trying one of the Dior Addict lipsticks, which I had heard lots of good things about, and ended up picking 457 Candide – a lovely light and quite sheer pink, which is just the way I want it because I think nothing looks weirder than a too light full-cover pink lipstick.

The Spring collection is available online in several online stores including some, which ship internationally. The prices vary from country to country and because I live in Denmark, have readers from all over and bought this lipstick in Germany with and additional 10% discount, I decided to drop the whole naming numbers because it really varies where you live. So I hope that is okay with you.

And now some pictures to get an impression:





It is my first Dior Addict lipstick so I have nothing to compare. It reminds me a bit of the Revlon lipbutters, which I also absolutely love. The coverage is not as good as I am used to from other lipsticks, however that was expected judging from the glossy finish. As mentioned above I actually like it because I am not a fan of light pink lipsticks, which have full coverage (the sight of this makes me cringe). I also have quite naturally red lips so that it takes quite a bit of color to fully cover my natural lip color. An additional plus is that the lipstick also feels quite nourishing and with my always chapped lips I like this a lot.

Love, S.

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