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Decorating in Full Swing

Long time, no see. I know – and I am deeply sorry for it. I always had that little voice in the back of my head saying: you have to blog, you have to blog. But just making up a “wish list” or a “best of” just because I have nothing to blog about is just not me. So please bare with me.

School and work have me back and my schedule is PACKED. I am basically gone every day from 07:30 until at least 18:00, if not even later. But it keeps me busy and as long as I have the odd morning or afternoon here and there off I could not be happier. This morning my Macro lecture got cancelled so I am basically still in bed, preparing this blog post for you. I do not have to be at a friends place until 15:00, followed by a networking dinner at Custom House later today (so excited and still have to figure out what to wear – problems of a woman).

Aaaanyhow, back to the actual post now. A couple of weeks ago I bought this lovely acryl table from Zara Home. I was looking for something that could replace a lamp at that very same spot it is standing at right now and this table is perfect.

As we still wanted to have light in that particular corner (we are just used to having a lamp there) we decided on a little tea lamp to go on top with it. We replaced another lamp on the other side of the room as well and went for the same design – so same lamp just in tall.

And yesterday they finally arrived – my new decorating/fashion books to go on top of the table. I heard a lot of good stuff about the “domino” book and am really looking forward to reading it. I heard split opinions about the book from “cupcakes and cashmere” though, as it is supposed to be very close to the blog etc. But as I am not reading the blog (just looked into it every once in a while) I think I will be fine and in the end I also wanted something, which looks pretty as well. I will definitely get a few more of those kind of books but will wait until I am in the States, as they are so much cheaper over there.

How do you like my little side table?

Love, S.

PS: I am apologizing for the bad lighting. I actually took the pictures at around 11:30 in the morning. Can you believe it? But a) is the weather really bad here in Denmark at the moment and it keeps on pouring down and b) do we only have indirect lamps in most of our rooms. We actually only have ceiling lights in hallway and kitchen (spots) but neither in living room nor bedroom. Only the odd lamp here and there. As much as we love it: it makes for very bad pictures in the winter. Just as a little warning for what you will see the next couple of months 😉

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