Cozy Weekend

As the deadline of my Bachelor project is approaching I spend the weekend completely at home, doing nothing but to write. Next weekend will look the same by the way.

To tread myself to something the boyfriend went to buy sushi on Saturday night. I will never become a fan but it was okay. Just the fishy-fishy ones are really not my thing. Thankfully the best place to get sushi close to our place is called Sticks & Sushi and you can get not just sushi but also chicken and steak (on sticks). We took a menu so we had different things from each!

On Sunday we felt like having waffles and Christoffer made the dough while I actually baked them a little while later. Yummi.

With some of the last dough he made this adorable little Sarah-waffle-piece with my letter on it.

Love, S.

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