Coral Overload

I am so sorry for two nail polish posts in a row but I just had to share all those lovely shades I got lately. Everywhere the color “coral” is popping up and I could not resist the trend.

Chanel brought out some new colors after the Les Jeans collection, though I am afraid I am not sure if the new collection has a name. I guess it does but it does not really say on their homepage. There are four colors (instead of three) in this collection and especially “Distraction” caught my eye right away. It is a lovely bright coral-pink and I new I would look good right away. The color itself does not disappoint – unfortunately the quality does. That is a first for Chanel for me. Even after two coats (and I usually only need one) the color was still patchy and I had tip wear practically the same day. Not impressed!

The other nail polish I got was “Bikini” from Dior. I only have one other Dior shade, Waterlily, and I love how that works on my nails including the big brush. Funny thing is: the two colors from Chanel and Dior look SO MUCH alike. At least in this light. After not having been too impressed with the Chanel polish I cannot wait to try out the Dior one. I am also still tempted to get the other color “Saint Tropez” as I also really like it. And of course those awesome lip balms from the Croisette collection. I will have some time later on today so I might take a look at them 🙂

Last but not least I wanted to show you my new top sealer from essence. It was widely hyped in various You Tube videos and I took the chance and got it while being in Germany. So far I like it though I cannot say that it is better or worse than other top sealer’s.

Love, S.

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