Christmas Wishlist

The boyfriend starts asking what I would like to have for Christmas. Unfortunately I usually see something somewhere which I like and then forget about it again a little later. But the following wishes have been stuck in my head for a little longer.

1. Longchamp bag – you can design your own one, with different color choices, size options, and the possibility of engraving. Mine should have the colors from above.

2. & 3. MAC goodies – the “Ice Delights Lip Bag / Wintercool” and the “Make It Perfect Brush Kit / Essential”.

4. Dress from Asos in the perfect color.

5. Shoes from Sam Edelman. I love the shoe and the color but would of course be open for any other color as well 😉

6. Blazer from Warehouse via Asos with sequins. It doesn’t have to be a blazer but I like that this one is very versatile as I would use it more often than a mini skirt or a whole dress with sequins.

What are your Christmas wishes?

Love, S.

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