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Christmas Wishlist

I think it is time for a little Christmas wish list. Even though I was able to fulfill a lot of my wishes in the US, there are still some open ones. Now I do realize that some of the items are quite expensive – that is why they are still wishes. And I most definitely do not expect anyone to fulfill them for me but am planning on doing so myself at some point in the future. But a girl can still dream, right?

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I tried to find an order like “from left to right and top to bottom” but that did not quite work out. But I think the products and descriptions explain for themselves:

1. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum & Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector: Clinique redid the whole Pore Refining line and I had a serum from the old line, which was not quite as expensive as this one but which I absolutely loved. As I am (almost) out of it I would like to test this one at some point. I also heard only good things about the Dark Circle Corrector so this is another product I want to give a try.

2. Christian Louboutin Pigalle Patent 85mm pumps: A shoe I adore ever since I saw it for the first time. It is probably one of the most simple shoes you can get from Louboutin but it is special nonetheless.

3. Anthropology mugs: I definitely want to have them but 17 Euro only for delivery (the cup itself is only 7 Euro) has been stopping me so far. I want to get one for Christoffer and one for me and either one of our letters was always sold out every time I looked and I did not want to pay the 17 Euro delivery costs twice.

4. Leopard-Print Haircalf Belt by Ralph Lauren Belts: I am in desperate need for new belts and even though I am having an eye on one of those Moschino belts I think it is maybe a bit too flashy for me. It also does not have to be leopard but can be just a nice dark brown but this one caught my eye when browsing online.

5. Tory Burch – Fox Velvet Smoking Slippers: Amazing slippers. I also like the ones with the little cat ears sticking out but those here are also absolutely adorable and considering that regular plain Tory Burch slippers cost exactly the same I think the price is (almost) reasonable.

6. Dyptique candles: Now this is a luxury item I have heard lots about but as I cannot buy them in Copenhagen (please proof me wrong if it is) I have not had the pleasure to indulge in them yet.

7. See by Chloe High Heel Cuffed Boot: This is one perfect and amazing boot and totally up my alley with the wide shaft and the suede. I had the pleasure and took a look at them when I was in Magasin but quickly put them down after I saw the price (I did not realize it was “the real thing” I was holding until I did see the price).

8. Vachetta Envelope Clutch – Ralph Lauren Handbags: Nice clutch which caught my eye. I also like the other new Ralph Lauren bags, which we also have in Magasin and Illum though I could not find a picture online. Simple, classic and just really really nice.

9. Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote: My good friend Julia has this one and I think is it such a great bag (it also fits the 13” MacBook perfectly). I was standing in front of it in the US but did not buy it after all. I was not sure if I wanted black (did not want to seem like a copy cat to Julia) or maybe a nice brownish color (on the website it is called “luggage” – why ever that is) but they did not have the brown but only black, purple and orange and as I could not compare the black and the brown I left the bag behind and am kind of regretting that now.

10. Chatelle Albert Slippers: I first saw those on Mangobluete’s blog and fell in love right away. On the Chatelle homepage you can either buy the simple pair, one with tassels, or monogrammed ones with your initials (the ones I would pick) and I thought they look so nice to jeans – dressed up and dressed down at the same time.

11. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: Now this came out only 4 days after I left the US, which is SUCH A SHAME. I would have bought it right away. Now I have to wait until I can get my hands on a totally overpriced version of an European online store :/

How does your Christmas wish list look like?

Love, S.

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