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Christmas in the Air…

Christmas is approaching quickly. Only a few more weeks to go 🙂 Besides Christmas goodies being stocked up in supermarkets, also the big beauty companies are finally bringing their winter collections on the market.

MAC had their release in the US last week, Essie should come to Denmark any day now, and I was able to find the new Dior products in stores by the middle of October. As there was a sale going on in my favorite warehouse Magasin and beauty products were heavily discounted by 25% I took the chance and bought one of the nail polishes of the collection in the color 901 – “Diva”.

I love the different design of the nail polish bottles, as they remind me of little “Christmas balls” (the ones hanging on the Christmas tree) – so fitting for the whole Christmas theme.

The color itself is very difficult to describe. It really changes depending on the light and also looks different in the bottle and on the nails. It is a mixture between a dark grey/brown with a hint of blue. There are also little golden glitter particles in it, which add to the Christmassy touch 🙂

And this is how the color looks on my nails:

Sorry for the not too good quality of the last two pictures. Stupid me painted the nails of my right hand first, as I am left-handed (easy hand first, right?). When I then wanted to take pictures of my right hand I had trouble because the button of my camera is of course also on the right-hand side and when talking pictures of your right hand this makes it slightly difficult.

But why did I paint only one hand? Well, besides the fact that the color is absolutely amazing it is really hard to apply. Way harder than other Dior nail polishes – I am used to very good quality. Also the brush suddenly seemed slightly smaller again and not as defined as before? But maybe that is just me. The first coat goes on rather “scratchy” with lots of little irregularities everywhere. To get rid them you need to apply a second, rather thick, coat and even with the Drip-and-Dry from OPI it takes forever until the nail polish is fully hardened through. A pain in the a**. That is the story of why I just did one hand and gave up afterwards (yes, I took the color off again – not starting a new trend with one painted hand and one unpainted one). But I will definitely try it again some other day because of the amazing color.

Love, S.



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