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Christmas Goodies

Here you can see the first few of my Christmas presents. I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but my parents are not big in celebrating Christmas anymore. We used to but by now we do not even have a tree at home. But that is okay as we had the most gorgeous tree at our place and it is still up 🙂

With the non-existing Christmas tree comes the “no presents” rule. But do not worry: I got plenty of presents anyway: from my beloved boyfriend, my lovely sister, my boyfriend’s parents, and my grandparents. And my mom was so nice to pay my hairdresser which costs a small fortune as well. Now I look normal on the head again, lol.

So here we go with the first two presents (from my boyfriend). I actually got three but the third one is a gorgeous nail polish which I want to show you in a separate post.

The hat is from Peak Performance and I got it for an upcoming planned skiing trip to Sweden. I look quite cute with it (lol, saying that about myself) – especially with  the “bommel” on top of the hat. The headphones are from Marshall and are according to Christoffer really good in quality. And they are (as far as I can tell). I love that they are modern but still retro and somewhat girlish (white and golden details). How do you like those two presents?

Love, S.


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