Christmas Calendar

My lovely fiancé made me a packet calendar this year. It is the first time that I actually got one since the age of 12. My last one was made out of toilet paper rolls, cut in half and glued together in the form of a Christmas tree, with lovely transparent paper to cover up the holes. Made by my grandma…

Christoffer’s calendar is a bit simpler as he packed 24 single presents and put numbers on them. I still love the thought and the fact that I get a present every day. Especially as he bought me stuff which is so “me”!

Over the last couple of days I was able to clean again properly,

to blow my nose with proper Christmas spirit,

to light a candle every day,

and to get into Christmas mood with cute Christmas decoration!

And he did not forget about the heart. His name is “Bamsi” (from the Danish word “bamse” which means stuffed animal in English) by the way.

What did you have in your calendar? Did you even get a Christmas calendar with real presents from someone? Are you the one who made one? With presents? Or do you stick to the chocolate ones? How about American readers? Did you finally catch up with us Europeans and our tradition of Christmas calendars? Questions, questions, questions and I would like answers!!!

Love, S.


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