Chanel Rouge Carat – 587

This is one of the three Christmas presents I got from my lovely Christoffer. We were in the city and I finally found this nail polish at Illum and wanted to buy it myself. He then offered to buy it for me as a first Christmas present for me.

I love the color as it is so Christmassy (it has tiny golden glitter in it) but is still wearable all year round. For the pictures I only applied one layer, as I am not very good at applying but that is why I love Chanel: you often only need one layer!

The nail polish was limited and only available at that one store in Denmark which I mentioned above and at Kastrup airport in Copenhagen. I know in Germany it was also only available in one store (in Stuttgart) and at several airports (not sure which ones). The polish costs the regular price, so it should be around 22 Euro. As it was a present I do not know how much the boyfriend paid.

I already had last year’s limited Fall/Christmas nail polish so I am more than happy to have this one as well. And on Saturday the new Spring collection comes out. Yeah 🙂

Love, S.

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