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Florida Vlogs 2016 – Part 1

Wow, it really took me for-ev-er… to edit those videos I mean. But, I finally got there (not finished) but I do have the first 6 videos done and the first one is up. Now, keep in mind those vlogs are something we did merely for ourselves, however Florida is so lovely, that it would be a shame to not share our time with you. Love, S.
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2017 – My Goals and Resolutions

Better late than never, right? One resolution was definitely to put more effort into the blog again while keeping on filming YouTube videos on a regular basis. But let us see how that will go 😉 For now I have some goals for you I wrote down the day before the new year started. Some I will come easy, some I will struggle with, one I already achieved, while I might have to give up on others. We shall see… Spend every day actively with ...
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Vacation Time

A couple of weeks ago I visited the fiancé in Switzerland and we were invited by a friend/colleague of his to come on a little tour through the Alps. Do not ask me where exactly we drove by and through – it got confusing at some point. All I know is that we started in Einsiedeln, a small town already quite high up in the mountains close to a mountain lake. We did not really know what the colleague had planned and were wearing our Nikes ...