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2017 – My Goals and Resolutions

Better late than never, right? One resolution was definitely to put more effort into the blog again while keeping on filming YouTube videos on a regular basis. But let us see how that will go 😉 For now I have some goals for you I wrote down the day before the new year started. Some I will come easy, some I will struggle with, one I already achieved, while I might have to give up on others. We shall see… Spend every day actively with ...
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Vacation Time

A couple of weeks ago I visited the fiancé in Switzerland and we were invited by a friend/colleague of his to come on a little tour through the Alps. Do not ask me where exactly we drove by and through – it got confusing at some point. All I know is that we started in Einsiedeln, a small town already quite high up in the mountains close to a mountain lake. We did not really know what the colleague had planned and were wearing our Nikes ...

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

As the fiancé is still living abroad from me, trips to see him are inevitable at the moment (and on the other hand much awaited on both sides). For the next trip I wanted to show you what I am bringing and how I am bringing it (aka the actual makeup bag). After years of bringing first one little Oilily bag and then an additional little bag (because the first one did not fit everything anymore), I upgraded over the summer and got the Laura ...