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Working My Butt Off

That is a perfect description of what I am doing since I’m about 13 years old. My parents are definitely not rich but we are not poor either and I guess, compared to others, pretty well off. So I always had my “pocket money” to spend on stuff I liked. But my parents also taught my sister and me the value of money and that money does not grow on trees but that you have to work for it. And if we wanted to have something which was just a tad ...

Only The Time Shows Who Is A Real Friend… And Who Is Not!

I am always amazed how “wrong” I sometimes was, when it comes to some of my former “friends”. It often still makes me mad. And sometimes sad. Even though of course I do not want to admit it. But I am still so disappointed by some people. I realized that I am not someone who can take mean remarks from so-called “friends” very good. I am also not very good in keeping calm. I learned that it is never good to ...