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Motherhood – A Never-Ending Story of Comparison

And here I thought I had left high school behind me… But do not get me wrong. I loved school. Elementary school, secondary school, my year abroad in the US, and last but not least my years spend at university. What I did not like was the constant comparison, which was going on. Who has the latest fashion? Who is the most popular girl? Who has the prettiest hair? Or just the overall say in our grade? Considering that I went to an all-girls ...
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The Fall Favorites TAG

I filmed my Fall Favorites TAG, a tag which was invented/customized by Jacelyn Hill. I liked the questions (fall is my favorite season after all) and I also love that it is short and sweet. So check it out… Love, S.

Weekly Roundup – Week 40

Two weeks ago we discovered, how short the drive to Konstanz, Germany actually is. It takes us only around 45 minutes to get there and right behind the border is an amazing huge grocery store (Edeka), which we went a little bit crazy at the very first time we went there. However all the goodies we bought made for some amazing breakfast the weekend before last. We had friends staying over from Saturday to Sunday, showed them around Zurich and ...