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In Love With A Dress

As a fashion addict that happens quite often to me. And it just happened again. I love looking at Lookbook to get inspired. And to look at all those pretty people. One of my favorites is Frida from Sweden. I love her style and she’s just amazingly pretty. The all-Scandinavian girl. I like. (I guess by my love to Copenhagen you already figured out my love to Scandinavia and the Scandinavian style in general). Check out her fashion blog ...

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

I love to dress the way I like – not necessarily because I want to express myself, but more because everyone should be able to wear what they like without being judged (and therefore being stared at). Right now I am obsessed with boots. Ankle boots, over-knee boots, calve-high boots – all different kinds of boots. And not just the height does matter. Also of course the style. Over the last two years I saw Minnetonka shoes and boots quite a ...