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Waiting Time

It seems like I am currently put on hold as I have to wait for everything. Waiting for time to pass by, waiting for decisions to be made, and waiting for dates to be set, so that I can start more serious planning. Besides the first two obvious things (waiting for February and waiting for KU admission), I was waiting for my exam dates for this semester as it depends on those dates when I would be moving. I will have to take four written exams ...


I was supposed to work four out of five days this week but a collapse in my shower on Monday morning at around 06:10 messed up my schedule. I got up at 06:00, brushed my teeth, put in my contacts and started taking my shower. Until I suddenly got all shaky, broke into a sweat (kind of nasty if you are showering and still able to feel it), and my vision became smaller and smaller. Neither sitting down in the shower nor a switch from hot to ...
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Happy Not Being American

Or more: I am happy not to be an American High School student. Do not get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE the United States… at least to go there on vacation. I was lucky enough that I share this love with my parents, and that my parents were able to afford a lot of great holidays in the US. I saw most of the States in the Western part, and travelled to Florida I-do-not-know-how-many times. Due to the love to my favourite country, I decided at ...