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2017 – My Goals and Resolutions

Better late than never, right? One resolution was definitely to put more effort into the blog again while keeping on filming YouTube videos on a regular basis. But let us see how that will go 😉 For now I have some goals for you I wrote down the day before the new year started. Some I will come easy, some I will struggle with, one I already achieved, while I might have to give up on others. We shall see… Spend every day actively with ...
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Wedding Wednesday – How to handle cancellations from wedding guests

First of all: do not freak out. It happens to everyone and is to be expected. Obviously the bigger the wedding the easier it can be handled because it does not matter too much if there will be 150 or 149 guests, however if it is a close friend or family member it of course still sucks. via Pinterest More of a problem it becomes if the wedding is already rather small like ours will be. We knew that it would be highly unlikely that everyone we ...
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Wedding Wednesday – Our Location

As mentioned before I want to keep our exact location including the name under disclosure until after the wedding. So all you get is the general area it is located in, which is Siena (with probably around 1000 similar locations). We had some specific wishes about our location and taking those into consideration our wedding planner offered us several different ones, which she previously had worked together with. What we wanted was: a view ...