Bye Bye Google Friend Connect

As most of you know by now: Google Friend Connect is being discontinued. At least for blogs, which are not running on Blogspot. This is the case for my domain (I am using WordPress due to my own domain).

A lot of you are following my blog over Google and I would hate to loose you all as my readers. I therefore looked for many new (and old) possibilities of how to follow my blog instead.

1. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is my personal favorite to read blogs. I used to follow a few blogs with the Google Friend Connect as well, but I follow ALL of my favorite blogs over Bloglovin. If you do not know it yet you should definitely check it out!


2. Facebook

I do have a Facebook page for my blog as well, which I update on a regular basis. Advantage of the Facebook page: blog posts automatically appear on the page via NetworkedBlogs. Here you will also find some more personal information and will be kept up-to-date about what  I am doing at the moment.
3. Google+

I also created a Google+ page – especially for you guys. So if you are on Google+ you should add me to your circles.
4. Twitter

I love Twitter. I have it on my computer, I have it on my iPad, and I have it on my iPhone. And I am always tweeting something. So for constantly keeping up to date with me – follow me on Twitter. And I will make sure to tweet back right away.
5. Instagram

I am also using Instagram on my phone. For photo updates follow me. My username is OfficialSarah (I BET you did not guess that, lol).

Love, S.

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