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This is THE week of the goodies. I got another good one for you. Besides nail polish I also love and absolutely ADORE shoes. When I spend my semester abroad in Denmark I was able to buy a pair for Hunter rain boots. Those boots are absolutely perfect for all kinds of weather and suitable for almost every outfit. I even wore them in the summer with a cute little skirt and a cardigan. And in the winter I’m going to add socks and tights and I am ready to go!!

As Hunters were sold out almost everywhere I felt lucky when I finally got my hands on a black pair. I know that black is kind of boring but I decided it was the best colour (even though I know that black is actually not considered a color) to start with. And I do not regret it one bit. Black boots fit with almost everything.

Due to the fact the people in other countries (especially Germany) like to stare I left my Hunters at my second home in Denmark. Now that is a thing I do regret. We had really bad weather here over the last couple of days and I would have loved to wear my rain boots. So I started to think about buying another pair to keep here (also because the boots are quite big and heavy and take about 1/20 of the weight I am allowed to take on the airplane – not considering the actual SPACE they take in the suitcase).

My boyfriend’s mother recently had also gotten a new pair of Hunters from the new “glossy” collection. At first I was not too fond of the glossy design (especially in black and I still do not like it too much) but then I came across an awesome color called “graphite”, which is a nice middle grey. Weeks ago I had told my boyfriend that the next pair of Hunters that I would buy would be a pair in grey. Ha, and now here we are. I still have to wait until the end of the month to get them (due to money reasons) but I decided I WANT to have them. I must have them…

I just love my Hunter boots!

Love, S.

PS: Besides the black and grey Hunter offers a new range of great colors like pink, green, purple, or red. Check them out online (http://www.hunter-boot.com)!!!

PPS: Hunter also offers a wide variety of great cool fleece socks to go into the boots!

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