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Body Mists by The Body Shop

Body mists of all sorts are well established in the US. I cannot remember any visits to the mall without dropping into a Bath & Bodyworks and picking up a few bottles (besides all the body lotions and body washes). They have however never been that popular in Germany and Europe in general.

As of late The Body Shop released a new series of body mists, while also relaunching a lot (if not even all) of their products including a new design on the products. That new design is quite appealing for me and as I love everything which smells good I wanted to try them out as soon as possible.

On my way back to the subway the other day I passed by one of their boutiques and went inside. I usually do not like to stay in their stores too long as the smell can be quite overpowering so I went straight for the body mists. Right away I saw that they also came out with one of my favorite scents: the pink grapefruit line. I did not really have to think twice and bought one bottle but managed to stick to this one product.

The come in eight different scents (besides pink grapefruit they have shea butter, moringa, vanilla, satsuma, mango, coconut, and strawberry available) and they cost 9 Euro for 100ml (I think I paid 95 DKK here in Denmark though).

I have to admit: if you prefer to wear perfume the body mist might be nothing for you as the smell is definitely there. And wearing two scents and not being able to smell any one of them properly does not really makes sense. But I think that especially in the summer the body mist is a nice alternative for perfume. It feels fresh on the skin and can just be reapplied if needed throughout the day. I already used it all day today when it was so warm and I loved to refresh a little bit after sitting in the sun for an hour.

Even though pink grapefruit is perfect for summer days I will definitely stock up on vanilla and moringa when I am in Germany in three weeks.

Love, S.

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