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Blush Horizon de Chanel

I have been lusting over this blush ever since I saw the first pictures of the new Chanel Spring collection 2012. Two weeks ago I treated myself to it. Not just that the packaging is absolutely classic, beautiful, and of high quality – the blush itself is as well.

Just by looking at it you would think that it gives off a rather light pink wish barely shows on your cheeks. How wrong you are (and how wrong I was). It is actually a nice, slightly glimmery, deep peachy-pink, which shows great! The prettiest pink blush I ever got (both just by looking at it AND when applied) – you just gotta love those stripes!

The brush which came with it is of okay quality but I stick to using my regular blush brush, which suits me better from the form.

Did you get anything from the Chanel collection? And if yes, what?

Love, S.

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