Black Swan

I finally managed to watch Black Swan on Friday. I did not think I would make it before my move – and therefore at all. In Denmark you can watch Black Swan since the beginning of January. Here it came out on Thursday. With my move and all the other things going on right now like my last classes, studying, and work, I knew I would probably not make it in time to watch the movie at the movies 🙂

So I am very happy that one of my favorite colleague Björn (yes, I am also working with nice people, believe it or not) went with me so that I did not have to go alone. I also still had a 15€ gift certificate which I had to get rid of before the move. So I bought the tickets for Björn and myself and he bought the food (no movie without proper food)…

And the movie was great. Awesome mixture between a psychological thriller and a psychological horror film. Just the way I like it! I just should not have read up on it on Wikipedia before 🙁 But go and see it!

Love, S.

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