Biotherm – Skin Ergetic

It was about time. My old lotion from Clinique was going to an end and I was looking for something new. I had taken a look at those two lotions for quite some time. And I was willing to pay a bit more this time to tread my skin to something good. I have been suffering from that stupid eczema for almost a year now and it is still there. And you are supposed to use proper skin care starting in your twenties.

Now Magasin had this great offer. Usually one pot of this lotion costs around 375 kr. (in Germany I think 47 Euro) and now it was on offer for 525 kr. for two pots (around 73 Euro) – major bargain. The offer gave me the last needed push (it is money after all) and I do not regret it at all!

I had read several reviews before. Biotherm puts Skin Egetic into the anti-age area. Though the reviews say different. It is not rich enough to be considered anti age care. But that suits me just fine. Anti-age lotion can still wait a few years. The orange pot is the day lotion and let me tell you: it smells really good. Like oranges and citrus fruits. Just amazing. And the skin feels tighter but still smooth afterwards. Everything I had hoped for.

The purple lotion unfortunately does not smell nearly as nice as the orange one but that is okay. I can feel that the night lotion is way richer than the day lotion but that is the way it is supposed to be. My face looks healthy and somehow fuller when I get up in the morning. Fuller not in the way of fatter but just a skin which is more moist. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I wanted to share my first impressions with more high end lotions with you and whoever wants to treat their skin should go for Biotherm!

Love, S.

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