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Bioderma – Make Up Remover

A few of you know about my long and difficult story with my skin over the last year. It is finally almost over, though my skin still has to recover from the year with the eczema. I still have red areas where the eczema has been though the skin is thankfully not super dry anymore and I can easily cover it up with a bit of concealer and make up.

However I am now treating my skin as “sensitive” skin, which still tends to be oily/mixed skin in certain areas. When I say “sensitive” I mean that I look at what kind of products I buy and how often I use them. I am for example trying to stay away from face wash as much as possible, only using it every-so-often.

I read a lot about Bioderma products before, especially their make up remover and their facial cleanser. Unfortunately living in Denmark does not make it easy to get those products. You can of course order via amazon but that includes quite a bit of money including shipping and higher taxes. Somewhere on YouTube someone mentioned a certain seller on ebay (if requested I can look up who it was) and I was able to get a 500ml bottle incl. shipping for only around 20 Euro. Still expensive for a make up remover but I was getting allergy from pretty much everything else. So if you tend to have sensitive skin you should maybe check it out. I am using it now since a couple of weeks (3-4) and not one day with allergy! Keep your fingers crossed it stays like it.

Love, S.

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