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Belated Birthday Presents

Well, this is more a late post of showing one of my greatly loved birthday presents. I love getting a present when it is totally unexpected. I knew that Charlotte had gotten me something (yes, I even knew what) but when she told me about it in the first place I was overly happy. Especially as it was something I had wanted for quite a while, which I cannot get here in Denmark.

But see for yourself:

The first item I got was a Lip Liner from No 7. And I love it. And I love even more how considerate this present was. Charlotte new that I had recently purchased the MAC lipstick in Russian Red and that a lip liner should go with it. I already tried it out and it matches perfectly!

The second item she got me (another surprise item, as well as the lip liner) was this eye shadow from No 7 in 60 Mink. It is a lovely golden/silver glimmery taupe/beige (it is really hard to explain) – a perfect everyday color especially for the office. I tried it the first time today and love how fresh it makes my eyes look!

Last but not least the main present: Benefit’s new Hervanva blush. I wanted to get it ages ago but unfortunately we do not (yet) have a Benefit counter here in Copenhagen. I hope this is going to change when Sephora finally opens.

The color is a non-shimmery almost-matte pink, which makes your face look fresh and a bit “flushed” (in a very positive, natural way). I could not resist and have been using this ever since I got it and I will definitely continue to do so.

The brush is a little bit of a disappointment (the brush which came with my Coralista is way better and does not have that edge and is way softer) but I am using my own blush brush anyway. And the smell… yummi.

Love, S.

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