Being Alive

Hey Sweeties,

I am so so very sorry for not writing in such a long time. I constantly felt super bad for neglecting my blog. But so much has happened in the two last weeks. I took my final exams in Germany. Some of those exams went well, and some did not. I got tickets for the re-exams booked already just in case, hehe 🙂 So no worries. Always got my plan B, C, and D…

Then, last Thursday, it was the day of the days: I finally moved to Denmark! We got the rental at around 12 o’clock and started packing up all my stuff. Though I was neither able to fit my laundry hamper nor my bike into the car – I was able to take everything else with me after all. We waited for another 30 minutes until my friends Jule and Miri showerd up to see my off. I glad they made it!

Christoffer and I were able to leave at around 14:00 and made it to Denmark within less than 7 hours. Ever since I have been super busy running errands, heading to class, and cleaning up the apartment. I finally got done with almost everything today. I need another lamp shade for the living room (the one in green which I wanted was sold out when I went to IKEA the other day) and Christoffer has to hang up another lamp in the bed room. But my clothes are in the closet and the drawers, everything is clean and perfect! I also finally got registered and as soon as I get my CPR-card I can get my bank account. Then I am all set. I am also starting my Danish lessons next Monday. So posts will be in Danish from Tuesday on. Kidding.

Off to bed now.

Love, S.

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