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Because I have been asked a lot I will slowly start showing you some of the products which I like to use on a regular basis. And I will also write a little review about it so that you know what to expect.

I will start with this lotion from Clinique. I am a huge Clinique fan and use a lot of their products. As mentioned in previous posts I am also a sucker for new products so of course I like to try out new Clinique products as soon as they come out. This moisture surge lotion is one of their rather new products. I saw it in various magazines and thought I should try it. It is supposed to be slightly tinted but still light daily-use moisturising lotion so of course I was courious: it sounded great.

To be honest: the lotion was not quite as I expected it. Slightly tinted is a bit of an understatement. The lotion can of course not be compare with a proper make-up but it comes close. For people who are not being used to using (liquid) make-up: beware! You have to pay attention when applying and see that you do not leave stripes anywhere. But after using the lotion for about 2 months now I became a huge fan. If you use the moisture lotion on top of your regular daily lotion it creates a great basis for your daily make-up (if you use a mineral powder make-up like me). My face looks fresh all day long without looking like a mask. You can still barely tell that I put something on at all! So after all a great product though slightly different used as (maybe) intended by Clinique. But I think everyone has to find their one way anyway.

And last but not least: on the last picture you can see how slim the bottle is. It really lies good in my hand. Love it! Which moisturizing products are you using?

Love, S.

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