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Bath & Bodyworks Haul

The ones who are following my blog for a while now know how much I absolutely adore Bath & Bodyworks. But I am not sure if everyone knows what Bath & Bodyworks actually is.

It is a store, which you can find all over the United States and Canada. They offer a wide range of everything body related (duh…) including shower gels, body lotions, body butters, etc. But they also have different kind of hand soaps, air freshener, candles, lip products, hand sanitizer and much much more. Those products are offered in different scents and I think I am not lying when I say they have way more than 20 different scent lines (every scent line has body wash, body spray, body lotion, etc.).

Unfortunately the stores are only available in North America and as liquids cannot be shipped overseas, ordering online is also not an option. I therefore always have to stock up TONS of products when I am actually in the States (and yes, I can honestly say that Bath & Bodyworks is one of the many reasons why I at some point would like to live in the US again).

My favorites have always been the “sweeter” scents like vanilla and everything fruity. I therefore especially love indulging in their fall and winter scents (good thing that the last three times I was in the States was in the fall/winter). Below you can see parts of my little haul. The little bottles I bought as goodies for some good friends of mine and I love to give them as presents. One body wash is missing as it is already standing in the shower.

First of all: sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. They were taken at 14:00 in the afternoon and it was already super dark outside (and we only have indirect light in the apartment). I therefore had to lighten the pictures up manually but they were so dark before that there was only so much I could do.

As you can see I mainly stuck to the winter editions and scents. My absolute favorite is the Vanilla Bean Noel but I cannot wait to try the others as well. I also bought two hand soaps – one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen as well as some santicizer. I also bought some special “sleep” products, but I am keeping those for a separate post, as they are quite special and deserve more, hehe 🙂

Do you know Bath & Bodyworks and if yes, which is your favorite scent? And if you do not know it, are you interested to try some of the products? And for which scent would you go?

Love, S.

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