Yes, I finally gave in and bought myself a bareMinerals Starter Kit. Beforehand I had seen various commercials (so much of those on Danish TV) and read a lot about it. Not only good stuff but mainly… Now I have some friends who started using the same products a while ago so I was able to see the results in person: and their skin really looks great! I just hope mine will as well with time. I have some trouble with a re-accuring rash around my mouth and I have to keep on using a special lotion for it. Sometimes it clears up for a few days but it always comes back 🙁 So we will see how bareMinerals deals with it.

I compared the prices and finally found a great offer on Amazon Germany where I was able to get it for only around 49 Euro. To ship it to Denmark cost an additional 7 Euro but that was okay. I had seen the kit at Magasin (big Danish department store) and here it costs 700 kroner which equals to almost 100 Euro.

The starter kit comes in a neat little box:

It includes a CD plus a little booklet. The woman on the CD explains pretty good though she is VERY American. Do not get me wrong: I LOVE America but that über-American way of talking is something a tad bit too much for me. Swirl, tap, buff is all I can say. The ones already using bareMinerals will know what I mean.

The kit also includes four different products and three brushes:

The box also talked about a bonus item which comes in form of something called bisque. I am actually still not quite sure what to do with it or what exactly it is (concealer? primer? blush? shiny? mattifier?) but I will figure it out. I will now try the kit out for the first time and soon tell you about my positive or negative results 🙂

Does anyone of you have any experience with bareMinerals? Any advice? Or something I should keep in mind or do differently to the video? I watched a few videos on youtube but it seems like every user is kind of developing her own little tricks and habits here and there.

Love, S.

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