Barcelona Diary – Part II

Moving on to the next day, Wednesday the 28th of September. I woke up at 07:27 after going to bed at 22:28 (no, I am not a number freak but I am using the Sleep Cycle app, which tracks my sleeping patterns). I got 08:58 hours of sleep and my sleep quality was at 98% that night (my best ever). I really must have slept well. Refreshed I got ready and headed down to breakfast – fresh fruit, pastry, bread, cheeses, ham and even cava every morning – pure bliss.

After a yummi breakfast I headed over to the Aire spa, which was located right next to our hotel (the hotel was number 26-30 and the spa number 22). As mentioned in my previous post, Christoffer had booked the Argan Ritual for me.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-05 um 20.12.54


  • This ritual commences with an argan foot exfoliation, followed by a gentle head and face massage using argan serum and exclusive jade stones, and a rhythmic sensory body massage using Moroccan liquid gold (argan oil) which is applied warm, all over the body.
  • It concludes with some delicious special tea.
  • Time: 150 min.

Let me tell you: it was fantastic! My masseuse was super nice and used the right amount of pressure (I am more one for the “harder” massages). In combination with the heat and the warm oil it was super relaxing.

After the 1.5 hours of massage were over I could choose between several freshly pressed juices and some fruit and had another 1.5 hours in their bath. Aire is an Arabian kind of spa, similar to a Hammam. On one side of the spa they have four basins in various sizes, each with different temperatures:

  • Warm water bath (around 36ºC)
  • Medium water bath (around 20ºC)
  • Hot water bath (around 41ºC)
  • Cold water bath (around 15ºC)

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-05 um 20.13.42

On the other side of the spa they had a jacuzzi bath with lots of bubbles, a salt water bath and a Hammam room with steam and some essential oils. The two parts of the spa are divided by an area, where you can sit down and relax (above, and the basins with the different temperatures can be seen all the way in the back) and where free delicious sweet tea and cold water is being served. The hair is warm and humid and it smelled of incense, which was being burned everywhere. After three hours of spa (and treatments) I left for the hotel to get ready, super relaxed and ready to hit the town again.


This time I kept it short and just walked around El Born, snapping lots of pictures. As this day has been such a long day, I will split this day into two parts. So here we go: to be continued…

Love, S.


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