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Barcelona Dairy – Part VII

Unfortunately today I have to write my last part of our Barcelona travel diary. The time passed by way too quickly and I wish we could re-do the days (or at least fly there again right now). However, we have already been thinking about more vacations already (not to Barcelona, but still…).

So the 1st of September was our last day in Barcelona and after I had talked about my amazing spa experience on Wednesday, Christoffer wanted to have a massage as well. We were able to do a late check out at 14:00 and therefore spend the morning at the spa again. Christoffer went over there at 10:00 for his massage and I joined him at 11:00 in the general pool area. After the time was up we went back to our room and got ready without having to rush. We checked out of the hotel, but were still able to leave our luggage in storage until our actual departure.


Last selfie in the room, wearing my new jeans and my new hat from Zara.

After check out we went for lunch at Llamber again. I unfortunately did not take a single picture of the amazing food or the cocktails there, due to two reasons: 1st of all I am usually quite hungry by the time the food comes and due to that I often just forget to take a picture. 2nd of all the lighting was amazing inside – for having a nice dinner, but not for taking high-quality pictures of your food. Photos in that light would definitely not do the food justice at all so maybe it is better that I did not take any pictures.

Llamber is usually open from 13:00 until late at night (I think the kitchen closes at 24:00 but the bar itself is open longer – for more information check out their homepage). The first time we went there was for a nightcap Thursday evening – we went in there just because it looked great from the outside and Christoffer felt like it. I had a simple cocktail with cava (sparkling wine) but Christoffer had a cocktail called Tokyo Sour and boy – did the barkeeper know his job! What that guy did was just amazing to look at. So much love for every single step. It was absolutely fascinating! What he did was art – I cannot call it anything else. I wish every barkeeper would have his skills and love for detailed work. This experience made us want to come back, also because the food the other people were eating looked amazing (we had unfortunately already eaten somewhere else before).

The second time we went there was Saturday evening and again we had tapas as always. Though not just some random tapas but something a bit more “fancy”. We started with Iberian ham (what else, right? – a girl needs her ham) and stuck to the so called “Pica-Pica” only:

  • Parmesan fondue with asparagus and prawns on little sticks
  • Patatinas (potato squares filled with minced meat in a sauce and topped with what I think was a chick pea)
  • Croquettes (fried croquettes filled with a mixture of chicken/ham and potatoes)

We probably had more things but I cannot think of them right now (we had however various cheeses and aubergine the next day). Those were definitely the best! That night I unfortunately had a super bad migraine attack, which is why we left right after dinner. Otherwise I would have loved to try at least 2-3 of their cocktails. It was super unfortunate that this happened, especially as it was our last night, but I did not plan on this myself and definitely suffered (including impaired vision and throwing up due to the pain – worst attack since months).

Which is why we went back the next day for lunch before leaving for the airport and again had various items from their Pica-Pica menu (those Patatinas are TO DIE FOR) and Quesadillas with Rosemary ice cream (WOW is all I can say) for desert. For everyone visiting Barcelona: please go and visit their place. Great food, great location, great drinks, and great service. And prices are absolutely moderate. And say hi to the barkeeper from us. He does an amazing job!!!


After lunch we strolled through the streets of El Born a little bit more until it was time to head back to the hotel and leave for the airport (Christoffers flight was unfortunately leaving two hours before mine).

We saw a lot, ate lots of great food, had a great hotel, went shopping, spend some time at the beach and last but not least saw FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou – overall a great vacation, which I definitely want to repeat. Barcelona is an amazing city and we still have so much more to see (Park Güell in example and Sagrada Familia). Skat, I love you. Thanks for the great time and on many many MANY more vacations to come.

Love, S.

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