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American Beauty Wishes

If I have not mentioned it before, BUT… I am going to the US in a little under two months time. And I am overly excited already and making online shopping lists already.

Two days ago I talked about not wanting to make a “wish list” in order to have “just something” to blog about but this one I was actually intending on making for quite some time. I am actually planning on also making a video about it where I will talk a little bit about the products etc. See it as a give and take: I share my experiences with some of the products and in return I would love to hear from YOU, which other products I should look into.

So here we go… (descriptions will go from left to right, top to bottom)


1. ChapStick Medicated: My alltime favorite and I am unfortunately out at the moment. Only kind of chap stick that works for me and I love the medicated version the most, as it tingles so nicely on the lips.

2. Nars Blushes: I definitely want to swatch the blushes at the counter. Right now I am planning on taking a closer look at the colors Miss Liberty, Outlaw and Deep Throat.

3. Olay Pore Minimizing and Scrub: I tried this last October for the first time and could take it without a problem even with my allergies. I loved how it worked with my skin and will definitely stock up on at least 1-2 bottles.

4. Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir: I smelled this in a store the other day and fell in love. It is quite expensive over here so I am hoping for a duty free bargain.

5. Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Creme: I had a trial size and recently bought the full size product and am loving it. I will definitely buy another jar, just to have it as it is definitely cheaper to buy in the US.

6. Mia Clarisonic: One of my all time wishes. I was already tempted last year but did not buy it as I would need an adapter and all. Also when I saw it last year it was on my last day of vacation so I was running out of money 😉

7. Revlon Lip Butters: I already have two of them (do not have the names on hand) but want to buy more. Currently I am planning on buying Sugar Frosting, Crème Brule, Peach Parfait and Tutti Frutti.

8. Bath & Bodyworks: Many shower gels and body lotions will come home with me. I will mainly look into the new fall/winter smells and everything vanilla.

9. Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly: I love this shampoo and am using it since year so this is a must for me. Great for long hair as it adds some grip but is still nourishing enough for dry ends – perfect.

10. Revlon Balm Stains: They are close to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, which I love, so I want to try those as well. I want to look at the colors Precious, Sweetheart and Cherish.

11. Philosophy Purity Cleanser: A much hyped product in the blogger community and also great with the Clarisonic. As it is only available in the US this is of course must.

12. Crest Cinnamon Toothpaste: I just have to try this one, lol.

13. Marc Jacob Dots: Another perfume I smelled in a store lately and fell in love with. I also adore the bottle but the fancy one you only get if you take the big version, which is quite expensive over here so again I am hoping for a duty free deal.

14. Yankee Candles: I know that there is a store in my favorite outlet mall, which we will definitely go to so I will pay a visit.

15. Tarte Amazonian Blushes: I heard lots of great things about those products and the price is decent (at least when bought in the States). Want to look at Achiote, Frisky and Natural Beauty.

16. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: I love the regular version, which comes with mint, but also everything with fruit included.

So, now it is up to you: what else should I look at/definitely buy?

Love, S.

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