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Ages ago I ordered something with Seifenfantasie. After transferring the money they shipped super fast and my parents got my packaged within a few days.

I had seen the soaps and bath balls/bath bombs on a blog somewhere (sorry for not remembering where but I ordered them back in April) and I was so tempted. So much that I ordered quite a few things for taking a bath, even though I do not even own a bath tub. Enough said, right?

But do not worry: I will take the bath balls/bombs with me whenever I go somewhere with a tub. My parents for example have one and in November in the States we will have one in the apartment/house as well. Cannot wait for some relaxing time in hot and bubbly water and a good book!

Do they not have great products? I am not 100% sure, which ones I ordered but I tried to find out from their homepage.

The picture below shoes a Pink Lady bath bomb. It is one of the bigger ones, which can probably be used more than once. It comes with lavender inside and has a soothing effect.

Below we have one of the smaller bath “pralines”. It is simply called Rose and brings moisture and relaxation.

Below is the bath bomb called “Hypnobath”, which is supposed to be relaxing and balancing. It is one of the bigger bombs.

Below we have one of the smaller bath “pralines” and this one is called Kontiki Fizz. It comes with tropical fruits and has a refreshing effect.

On the first picture you can see the 3rd big bath bomb, which is called Nature’s Candy.

Additionally I ordered four different soaps, because I decided to go away from liquid soaps and want to buy a soap bowl and place a cute piece of soap inside. One of the soaps is already gone as I left it with the boyfriend in his apartment to use. The other soaps are also amazing but mainly pink (which is why he did not want any of them but went for the yellow mango one). An additional post on new bathroom decorations will follow.

Love, S.

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