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A Sense of Smell

After I acquired my latest perfume in Florida I though it is about time to show you my current and long-time favorites. Some of them have been around for a few years already and some are new (but still much loved).┬áSome of them I can wear all year round whereas others are pure summer or pure winter smells. But they are all special┬ánonetheless…

One of my newest perfumes is “La Petite Robe Noir” from Guerlain. The sweet sweet boyfriend bought it for me as a present a while ago after listening closely to my wishes. I had heard a lot about the smell due to reading lots of blog posts about it and it seemed like my kind of scent. After smelling it at Sephora I knew I had to have it. I am not good at describing perfumes but I will give it a try… It is a rather fruity smell, which is not one for the high temps in the summer but can otherwise be worn all year round. I like that it is a quite special smell without being too heavy.

One of my favorites since years is Hypnotic Poison from Dior. Now this is an absolute heavy and sweet smell, which can only be worn in colder temperatures. I really do not like it on people in the summer as it becomes just too much. Also, 1-2 spritz of it is ENOUGH. Special as it is I still have gotten quite a few compliments for it nearly every time I was wearing it around a new person. This scent is also one of the reasons why I love fall and winter to come so much.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is another smell, which has been around me for years. I think I got it right away in 2000 when it just came out. It is a smell, which I deeply associate with a) the US (I got it after I lived in the States and went back there on vacation with my mom and sister) and b) the summer. It is light and fresh and a bit fruity and definitely more of a summer scent. This is by the way also not my first bottle if you have not figured that out by now.

Over the last two years I tried several of the DKNY Delicious variations and when DKNY brought out a line with three summer scents this spring I could not resist. I opted for the “sweet” version, which is quite sweet in smell but on the other hand not too heavy. I have not used it too much this summer to be honest but that was mainly due to the reason that I was insisting on finishing up three other bottles of perfume first (and succeeded by the way).

Last but not least we have my latest purchase: Dots from Marc Jacobs. The first thing made me crave this perfume was not the smell but obviously the amazing bottle. But as soon as I was able to smell it I was also hooked. I waited with my purchase until Florida because I wanted to get one of the two bigger bottles (it comes in three sizes but only the two bigger ones actually have the cool bottle) for about the same price I would pay for the smallest bottle here in Denmark. Dots is a rather “generic” smell, which I do not mean in a bad way. Quite the contrary. It is not super special but an amazing every-day-smell. Something which makes you feel good and “ready for the day” without being too over the top (the special scents can always be saved for dates, parties or birthdays).

Which ones are your favorite smells and since when do you have them? Which perfumes are you graving at the moment? Do you have any of the same ones like me and which one do you like the most?

Love, S.

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