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A Perfect Match

Benefit recently launched their new line of ultra plush lip glosses complementing their “Box o’ Powder” blushes. They come in six different colors (CORALista, dandelion, dallas, sugarbomb, bella bamba, and hoola), matching the design (and the color of course) of the blushes.

I decided to the CORALista gloss, as I also do have the CORALista blush and I was intrigued by the idea of matching blush-gloss-option. The other benefit blush which I have is the new Hervana one and I like it almost more than CORALista. Unfortunately they did not make a gloss for that one. There are a few more other blush-gloss-matches missing as well, but maybe they will follow at some point.

The gloss itself comes in a regular lip gloss tube. I am not too much of a fan of those tubes as I think it is nicer and easier to apply lip gloss with a foam applicator. From the “keeping it clean and hygienic” point of view the tube is however way better. You can just use a tissue to wipe it off when needed and I also like the thought that the color of the gloss will not turn funny looking (you know what I mean – the thing sometimes happens to a lip gloss with an applicator)  inside, even though you cannot see the inside of the tube of course.

Above you can see the color of the gloss. When it comes out of the tube it is still quite red and colorful and first I was worried it would be too much. But when spreading it out a bit you can see that it quickly dissolves in a way lighter color. As I have quite red lips naturally it is quite good though that the gloss is also reddish and pigmented as something pink you would not see on my lips at all. The CORALista gloss gives my lips a nice slightly reddish hue, while matching perfectly with my blush – just the way I like it. The gloss is not sticky and lasts on my lips for quite some time. And last but not least: it feels quite nourishing on my lips – something not every lip gloss does!

The glosses are available online and at benefit counters around the world. Did you get any of the glosses or are you planning on getting any?

Love, S.


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