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Hairy Affair

I would not say that I am super happy with my hair but I know that I cannot change everything about it so I try to deal with it in the best way possible.

One big help in this process are products from Bumble & Bumble. They are thankfully available in regular stores here in Denmark, though unfortunately for a totally unreasonable price. I love love LOVE their volume shampoo but as I wash my hair every day and need shampoo and conditioner I do not buy it too often – more like once a year only to be honest, as the combination of the two costs me around 70 Euro (almost $90).

However the products are worth their price and every time they have an offer at the stores where you can get them here I try to get something. And I had set my eye on more than one product anyway. Now when they had an offer for a combination of four products in a little set, including the one I wanted the most, PLUS an additional 20% discount I just had to get it. I got the products for half price after all…

The products included are the following:



I was especially tempted by the set because I had set my eyes on the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray for ages. I have tried other surf sprays before and have never been too satisfied (greasy looking hair, dry looking hair, hair hard to brush, etc.) – this one however really gives you that wind-swept look without making your hair look or feel funny.


Now this one was another product, which sounded interesting but I was not sure how I thought about a cream instead of a spray. I think I am more of a spray girl after all, as it is just easier to apply and to get it evenly all over. This one made my roots slightly greasy and the end of my hair really dry. Reason for this might however be because I am in desperate need of a root touch up and my appointment at the hairdresser is not scheduled until January 11th – and my roots without highlights just become greasy more easily anyway.


The Thickening Spray is the second product I wanted to try as it comes from the volume line, which love like I already told you. You are supposed to spray it into your damp hair and it gives more grip. And that is exactly what it does. Should you however have very dry hair this might not be the product for you. I tried it twice so far – once with and once without Moroccan hair oil underneath it and even though I do not have super dry hair it just looks better when I use the oil with it. It definitely gives grip and I cannot wait to put in some curls into my hair after using the spray. I am thinking that this will extend their live quite a bit.


Last but not least the Shine Spray is probably the product I was least looking forward to trying. I do have naturally rather shiny hair and I do not use shine spray but rather hair spray to hold things in place. A recent trail of shine spray also included a near accident on socks due to slippery wooden floors – do not ask. So yes, this one gives shine but too much also adds a greasy touch and it is nothing special.

Love, S.

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