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As you might know I will be moving to Denmark very soon. To be exact I will be moving in less than a month. February 10th is the date and I am currently packing all over the place. As I put up my huge closet on eBay on Sunday I used this opportunity to look after my shoes. As I had the space I liked to keep my shoes in the boxes they came in. Sadly from now on I will not have the space anymore so I have to find another solution. Any suggestions?

Here you can see all the shoes which are currently left here in Bielefeld:


But do not let the picture fool you. It looks less than it actually is. And now read the last sentence again. Yes… I already threw away three pairs and almost every box contains two pairs instead of just one. Also there are two Hunter boxes standing behind each other. So that makes a total of about 30+ shoes (not included the ones which are already in Denmark – about 8 pairs I think).

I would so much love a shoe closet. Or a walk-in closet with a separate shoe area. I guess I still have to wait for that a bit. Or win the lottery!

How do you keep your shoes?

Love, S.

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