30 Days Make Up Challenge – Day 8

8. What is your favorite day look?

My favorite day look is pretty simple. I do not want to spend hours in the bathroom getting ready, as I have to travel by train into the city, which also takes quite a bit of time (and I am not one of those people who put on make up in the train). So I either manage in time in the morning or not at all.

Depending on my skin condition (lots of pimples/no pimples, lots of redness/no redness) I start out with a tinted moisturizer (nowadays also called BB Cream) and add concealer under my eyes and on pimples and red spots. To finish off I use the mineralize skin finish from MAC.

Afterwards I lately draw a line with an eyeliner in “smokey brown” (it’s from Clinique, one of those bigger ones so it is easier to draw) and use mascara (also from Clinique).

Last but not least I use some highlighter around my eyes and put on some blush (depending on my mood I use different ones but my all rounder is the Coralista from Benefit).

And voilà – I am done.

Love, S.

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