30 Days Make Up Challenge – Day 22

22. Favorite toner?

I have two different favorite toner depending on my need. One of them is a bit stronger and one is a bit weaker and depending on my current skin condition I need either or.

Since I started using Clinique products about two years ago the number 2 toner is my favorite. I think it is still quite strong even though it is the second lightest one. You really feel “fresh” afterwards. But if you have sensitive skin it is nothing for you.

The second toner I like to use is the one from Balea. Balea is a brand which can only be bought at dm, a German drugstore. It is not nearly as strong as the one from Clinique, though it still leaves a fresh feeling behind without making your skin feel tight.

Last but not least I bought another toner just recently when I stayed in Germany. I did not try it yet as I want to use up the other two first (the one short trial one night does not count). I heard a lot of good things about the Garnier products so I hope I found a nice middle thing between the soft toner from Balea and the stronger one from Clinique.

Love, S.


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