30 Days Make Up Challenge – Day 21

21. Where to do you buy your make up?

The great thing about Copenhagen is that it offers every great store a capital should have. I am now therefore able to buy almost everything I want. Within the next year we will even have a Sephora store opening at Illum, which will be like heaven.

As Copenhagen is very expensive though I try to buy a lot of things over online stores or buy it when I am in Germany or on the way there (airport, ferry, etc.) as it is way cheaper as over here.

When I am in Germany one of my favorite stores is dm (a drugstore chain) and for some things also Douglas. Here in Copenhagen I enjoy Magasin and Illum as they have various make up counters. Online I buy where ever it is cheapest or at the according online store (i.e. MAC).

Love, S.

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