30 Days Make Up Challenge – Day 19

19. Favorite concealer?

I have to different favorite ones depending on the usage. One is more liquid and one is more like a paste. My new all time favorite holy grail is the Studio Finish Concealer from MAC. It is easy to apply and matches my skin tone perfectly. This is the one I lately use the most.

Another favorite concealer of mine is the concealer from Mary K. It comes in a little tube and is already liquid before applying. The first tube it bought after a “Mary K party” when I was 16. I have repurchased several times afterwards. I like the tube as it has only a little opening and gives a quite “clean” feeling when it comes to the handling. It is also very easy to dose that way. The tube you can see below is still in the old design. The new tubes are all black but what is inside should be the same.

Love, S.

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