30 Days Make Up Challenge – Day 4

4. Do you like foundation? If yes, which brand and color?

 No, I do not like to wear foundation. I used to sometimes apply the Matte Mousse foundation from L’Oreal (I think at least that is what is was from) but for now I am back to no foundation at all.

I started using BB creams (I am currently testing two of them, see here) and I am very curious about the one from MAC (might have to get that one soon). Though I only use it on days where I know I have to stay out all day and will not come home until late. Or when I go to a party and want to look a bit more “made up”.

As I am so pale I usually use one of the lightest versions they have – the lightest in the winter and the 2nd lightest in the summer (depending on how tanned I am).

This is probably the product with my highest coverage which I am owning at the moment. Though I did not have to use it since I bought it (clear skin or bad eczema) so I am saving it a bit.

I would however like to try out other foundations but I have a demand: They should be quite light and not make my face look actually covered up. I am thinking that I might try one from Chanel or Dior – a more high-end product to get something proper. But I have to look a bit more into it. For now I am happy with BB creams and powder.

Are there any light foundations you would suggest? Keep in mind that as much as I love drugstore brands, I cannot get all of them here in Denmark/Germany. Max Factor, L’Oreal, Gosh, etc. work though.

Love, S.

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