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2010 Review

So much has happened over the last twelve months and still the time flew by so fast. That is at least how it seems.

  • The year started rather cold with lots of snow and ice (and even more snow). We all thought that the winter of 2009/2010 cannot get any worse. 2010/2011 proved us all wrong. We had even more snow even earlier in the year.
  • On January 29th I started my exchange semester in Copenhagen. I flew into Kastrup airport and got picked up by my mentor Louise who drove me to my hotel. There she dropped me off and I felt kind of lonely for the first time.

Nyhavn - March 2010

  • The first Saturday (January 30th) in Copenhagen started with bright sunshine even though it was lousy cold. I explored Strøget, Kongens Nytorv, and Nyhavn. I also moved the first things into my apartment. Sunday my friend Miri finally arrived in Copenhagen as well and we went for a beer and met up with our fellow students Gitta and Anja in their apartment. I turned out that they lived quite close to my place. Monday the 1st of February was my first official day at KU.

Miri and I on the ferry from Puttgarden to Roedby, February 13th 2010

  • I met great people over the following weeks and months. I attended classes, worked at the Danish office of my German company, and also went to a few parties.

Gildemeister Scandinavia

  • I got to know and love one of the best people ever – my honning bamse :-*

Christoffer and I, September 26th 2010

  • I saw the “Little Mermaid” being shipped of to China (March 22nd), listened to great Danish music in Tivoli (May 3rd), drank lots Danish beer at the Carlsberg Brewery (March 12th), and had fun at Bakken (June 26th), before leaving for Germany again on June 27th.

The Little Mermaid gets shipped off to China - March 2010

Miri and I at Carlsberg - March 12th 2010

Christoffer and I at Bakken, June 26th 2010

  • I “split up” with friends who turned out not to be friends after all.
  • I had to attend classes in Germany again after my return and had my exams in Germany at the end of July and beginning of August.
  • I started blogging again.
  • I spend two great days in Bruge and got engaged (August 6th). After that I spend a few great days in Normandy, went to Mont St. Michel, Caen, and Coutance.

THE ring

Mont St. Michel - August 13th 2010

  • After the summer holidays in France the travelling between Denmark and Germany really started. I spend lots of days taking trains to the airport in Düsseldorf and Cologne and got up I-do-not-know-how-many-times at 05:00 in the morning 🙁
  • I finally officially got admitted to KU on November 11th.

KU Letter of Admission - November 11th 2010

  • I became part of IMECO and arranged some great events including the International Welcome Party, an afternoon at Carlsberg, a movie night, and a Christmas party.
  • Last but not least I had a wonderful Christmas in Denmark with lots of good food and lots of presents as well.

Now the last day of the year 2010 has finally arrived. The year has been great. Not always easy but great after all. And 2011 will continue to be a good year. I already know of all those good things to come. I will be moving to Denmark in February 10th and start on my Masters. We will get a dog next summer (hopefully at least). And I will finally be with Christoffer once and for all. No more stupid saying good-byes.

I hope your year has been great and a success as well. And if some stupid, bad, or sad things have happened to you, I wish you well for the next year. It can only get better, right?

Love, S.

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