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Shaba – Hair Removal the Natural Way

Summer is approaching slowly and I just can’t wait. Even though it will be (once again) a completely different experience being pregnant as my third trimester is actually stretching from July – September. One thing that happens during pregnancy is the insane hair growth that is starting pretty much right away (at least for me it was like that this time) and air removal by yourself is a pain in the butt with a growing belly. During my first ...
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Today I am coming at you with somewhat of an unsexy topic: compression socks. However I actually want to prove to you that they nowadays actually look very nice and are barely noticeable. Now why am I even writing about compression socks? Believe it or not but I unfortunately still need to wear them, even two years after giving birth. The ones following me since quite a while and who have watched my pregnancy update videos know, that one of ...

Used up Products – Week 39

More beauty and skin care products went empty this week (of course the expensive ones always finish at the same time). However… they are good ones. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Moisturizer with SPF30*: My favorite skin care lotion since years. I really don’t want to use anything else anymore and have already gone through plenty of those pots. The next one is already in use and I am looking to get a new back up just in ...