Mix & Match with Jo Malone

One thing I always wanted  to do was to mix my own scent combination at Jo Malone and when my wedding approached I knew the time had come.


At the counter I tried out several combinations, most of them with my all-time favorite scent, which came out last fall: Wood Sage & Sea Salt, combining ambrette seeds (top note), sea salt (heart note), and sage (base note) for a “lively, spirited and totally joyful” scent.

But I did not want to use only Wood Sage & Sea Salt but combine it with something a little bit sweeter, possibly fruity, to accommodate the warm weather in Tuscany. I ended up choosing Nectarine Blossom & Honey, which has a sweet but not too heavy scent, working very well with Wood Sage & Sea Salt. On their homepage they describe it actually as a “sweet and delightfully playful” scent, which is pretty accurate.

As you can however see, I did not actually end up picking up a bottle of Wood Sage & Sea Salt, but choose something different instead. The reason is pretty simple: Birch & Black Pepper was a limited edition (always a selling point for me – stupid, I know), while Wood Sage & Sea Salt is always in stock. Plus I have a thing for “special” scents. The pepper scent is quite distinctive and nothing you smell everywhere, which sold it for me. To ease up the scent a little bit (it is heavy) I still love to combine it with Nectarine Blossom & Honey as well as with Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

Also the sales lady was so kind to give both me and Christoffer (who also bought one of the unisex perfumes at the very same time) two samples each of Wood Sage & Sea Salt, which is why I was still able to use it for my wedding.

Even though the Jo Malone scents do come with a larger price tag I appreciate their scents as they are just “different” (for a better lack of words) – as fun as it is to recognise my own favorite perfumes in a crowd I much rather am being asked what I am using instead. Plus I just love being able to buy smaller bottles: I will be able to use them up eventually before the scent goes bad, and it makes for a way better travel companion as well.




What are your favorite Jo Malone perfumes and which combinations do you recommend?

Love, S.

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The Fall Favorites TAG

I filmed my Fall Favorites TAG, a tag which was invented/customized by Jacelyn Hill. I liked the questions (fall is my favorite season after all) and I also love that it is short and sweet. So check it out…

Love, S.

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Weekly Roundup – Week 40

Two weeks ago we discovered, how short the drive to Konstanz, Germany actually is. It takes us only around 45 minutes to get there and right behind the border is an amazing huge grocery store (Edeka), which we went a little bit crazy at the very first time we went there.


However all the goodies we bought made for some amazing breakfast the weekend before last. We had friends staying over from Saturday to Sunday, showed them around Zurich and went to a move-in party Saturday evening. Overall a nice weekend, which surprisingly was not too exhausting.


The week started slowly. I did not have any interviews or appointments so I could enjoy slow mornings in bed with magazines – one of my favorite things to do.


Right now I am enjoying being able to wear my ripped jeans (this will stop as soon as I am back to work in November). I also enjoy wearing sweaters and leather jackets again.


Time for more magazines – all the amazing fall editions are out. My favorite editions all your around. Especially the American InStyle was super thick – love.


I also found time to film Jacelyn Hill’s Fall Favorites TAG the other day.


We went to Germany for grocery shopping again this last weekend and ended up buying some Oreo’s – Double Stuffing. Do I need to stay more?


Amazing rye bread with cheese plus one of my favorite drink.


We went our for brunch with one of our friends on Sunday. Time for Fall dress up: love my new Timberland boots and this dress I got early last spring (dress is from Mads Nørgaard – a Danish brand).


Hope you had a good start into the new week.

Love, S.

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