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Motherhood – A Never-Ending Story of Comparison

And here I thought I had left high school behind me… But do not get me wrong. I loved school. Elementary school, secondary school, my year abroad in the US, and last but not least my years spend at university. What I did not like was the constant comparison, which was going on. Who has the latest fashion? Who is the most popular girl? Who has the prettiest hair? Or just the overall say in our grade? Considering that I went to an all-girls ...

The Start of Something New

So. I have not written on here in quite a while. My last post is from last year October, which is by now (almost) a year ago. And lots of things have happened in the meantime and I am happy to announce, that they are all really amazing things. I wanted to re-vamp the layout of the blog for quite a while and also wanted to start writing again more. So let us dive into what has happened in the meantime: In November I started a new job with one ...

Mix & Match with Jo Malone

One thing I always wanted  to do was to mix my own scent combination at Jo Malone and when my wedding approached I knew the time had come. At the counter I tried out several combinations, most of them with my all-time favorite scent, which came out last fall: Wood Sage & Sea Salt, combining ambrette seeds (top note), sea salt (heart note), and sage (base note) for a “lively, spirited and totally joyful” scent. But I did not ...